Intensive Care Unit
The Intensive Care Unit at Riverland Medical Center is a five (5) bed unit ready to take care of medical, trauma, or surgery patients.  Each room is equipped with Nihon Kohden cardiac monitor capable of invasive monitoring.  Our ICU staff consists of two (2) nurses, one (1) patient tech, and one (1) monitor tech per shift.  The hospital telemetry system is also located in the ICU with 24-hour designated coverage.  Common diagnoses in our ICU include CHF, pneumonia, respiratory illness with acute decompensation, chest pain with R/O MI protocol, diabetic ketoacidosis, GI bleeds, and sepsis.  We provide thrombolytic therapy, ventilator support, hemodialysis, and have a broad supportive network for patients that need a higher level of care.
1700 E.E. Wallace Blvd.
Ferriday, LA  71334
Phone: (318) 757-6551
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